Sell Diamonds NYC
Are you wanting to get maximum value selling your unwanted diamond jewelry? If you are wanting to sell diamonds NYC then Diamond Exchange NYC should be a place that you should consider. Located in the Diamond District, we pay top dollar for your unwanted loose diamonds, old engagement rings, and other diamond jewelry. Fill out our contact form to schedule your appointment today. Once we receive you inquire we will contact you and evaluate your jewelry over the phone and invite you in for an appointment.

How To Sell Diamond Jewelry in New York City:

Diamond Jewelry Buyers New York CitySelling your unwanted diamonds and engagement rings can be a very difficult and tricky task. Most people we talk to do not know what to expect when they sell their diamonds. Often times the people we talk to do not know what the true value that their items will bring. There are many places out there that offer “cash for gold and diamonds“, but they will really low ball you.

Diamond Exchange NYC is 3rd generation diamond experts that know how to truly evaluate the worth of a diamond. We often encourage our customers to take their diamonds to one or two other places first before they come to us. In our experience, if a customer has an inflated appraisal or has originally bought their jewelry from a normal retail store then the price they are expecting to receive is unreasonable. The main thing that we are going to evaluate is the center diamond. How large, what shape, what size and what the quality is of the diamonds are the main criteria that we are going to look at to determine the value of when we buy a piece of jewelry.

Options For Customers That Are Wanting To Sell Thier Diamonds:

Sell Engagement Ring NYCThere are several different options available for people that are wanting to sell their unwanted diamonds and engagement rings. Some people come to us that just want the jewelry gone and want an instant cash offer. We do pay top dollar for diamond jewelry. However, if you are wanting to get the maximum value we also offer a jewelry consignment option. Jewelry consignment will get you the most, however, it is not instant.

Types Of Items That We Buy:

At Diamond Exchange NYC we buy all types of diamond jewelry. We buy loose diamonds, engagement rings, diamond pendants, diamond necklaces, tennis bracelets and more. Often times we are very aggressive and offer top dollar. Other times, you might have an article of jewelry that we might be overstocked in or think that another place will offer you more. Our diamond experts will guide you in what options might be in your best interest to get the MOST for your diamond jewelry.

How To Sell Your Diamond Jewelry To Diamond Exchange NYC-

Cash For Diamond Engagement Rings
If you are wanting to sell your diamonds or engagement rings to Diamond Exchange NYC the best way is to fill out our contact form with a description of what you have. We will contact you, give you some information over the phone, and then schedule you for an appointment to visit our jewelry store in the NYC Diamond District. While you are at our location we will evaluate your jewelry items and discuss different options based on your scenario. We look forward to working with you!

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