Reason To visit NYC
New York, also famously known as the ‘Big Apple’, does not need any introduction to a traveler. New York City is the melting pot of all things fashionable and innovative. It has been entertaining local and global visitors with its exciting fusion of fashion, art, theater, and food for a long time. New York has always remained popular with tourists for its various attractions. Besides coming to visit the experts at Diamond Exchange NYC here are the reasons you must visit New York for a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

New York is not limited to Manhattan

Bronx Zoo NYC
You may have only focused on Manhattan when thinking about New York. But, New York is not just about Manhattan alone. If you don’t venture beyond Manhattan, you will miss out on all the activities and sights the other four boroughs of New York have to offer. Think about the exciting Bronx Zoo or the serene New York Botanical Garden. Queens offers a mouthwatering fare from restaurants while the flourishing Brooklyn neighborhoods beautifully illustrate the cosmopolitan and inclusive nature of New York City. And you must not leave New York without a ride on the famous Staten Island Ferry.

New York – The Global Capital of Art

Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum
The epicenter of everything cultural and arty, New York is heaven for an art lover. From museums to art galleries, this city is nothing short of magic as it combines new and vintage in beautiful union. The Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim, and a host of other museums offer visitors superior art from different parts of the world. However, museums in New York are not limited to art.

The American Museum of Natural History has famous animals and blue whale dioramas. Louis Armstrong House Museum lets you swoon to the tunes of America’s legendary jazzman. The Tenement Museum highlights the immigrant narrative. The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is perfect for a walk on the deck of World War era aircraft carrier.

Pay homage to theatre on Broadway

NYC’s changing vibe and backdrop can be best experienced on Broadway – the famous path from Inwood to Bowling Green on the southern tip of Manhattan. Walk down that 50 blocks to explore any of the 41 theaters clustering around the area. This Theater District of NYC has given birth to some of the finest performers and actors of the century. Take in any of the shows while you are there.

When in New York, indulge in delicious food

When food lovers die, they reach the gastronomical heaven called New York. As many as 60 international cuisines are present in this city. You must explore the delectable array of bakeries, pastry shops, and pop-up restaurants dish out amazing food for the starving travelers. From traditional to innovative, or even a combination of both – New York offers you innumerable choices. Food will seek you out when you are in New York!

The New York Diamond District

New York Diamond District
To see what New York is really all about one must take a visit to the Diamond District. The Diamond District is by far the most famous place in the United States to buy and sell diamonds. It is home to thousands of diamond jewelry stores including Diamond Exchange NYC. When you visit the Diamond District we invite you to stop by and see our amazing selection of loose diamonds, engagement rings, diamond earrings, necklaces, custom jewelry, and endless diamond jewelry collections.

Whether you are in New York for a small day trip or an extended vacation, deciding what to explore is not easy, because here the possibilities are simply endless.

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