Diamond Carat Weight

diamond carat weight
The carat weight of a diamond measures its apparent size and its weight. The metric ‘carat’ is determined as 200 milligrams. Mentioned as ‘ct.’, this unit of weight, defines the actual weight of the diamond. However, any two diamonds with equal carat weight can be priced at very different ends of the cost spectrum, based on an array of variable features including its clarity, color, and cut. This video done by GIA gives an excellent explanation of diamond carat weight:

Larger Carats Equal to Heftier Price Tags

The significance of carat weight when buying a diamond depends on your partner’s preferences. If a certain size is favored by the recipient, your search must focus on attaining that particular carat weight. The price of a diamond increases exorbitantly with the carat weight of the diamond. The reason behind is that larger diamonds are often rarer options available. It takes no fewer than a million rough stone to produce a final 1 carat diamond.

A buyer typically has to pay more on the total as well as on the price-per-carat basis as the carat weight goes up. Larger diamonds are more desirable and fetch handsome prices. Though there may be little visual difference between a 1 carat diamond and one weighing 0.99 carats, the price difference can be quite significant. The goal should always be to get the biggest and nicest diamond for your budget which is why we offer wholesale diamonds at Diamond Exchange NYC.

Carat Weight and Size of a Diamond

Diamond Carats Examples
The actual size of a diamond may not increase simultaneously with the carat weight. The perceived size of a diamond – represented in its diameter and crown area or the surface visible in a set diamond – increases much less compared to its cumulative carat weight. Hence, when reviewing a diamond of any shape, the crucial factor will be to focus on its diameter as even a slight increase in the surface or crown area contributes to the diamond’s perceived size.

Noticeable differences can also be identified due to the actual ‘cut’ proportions in two diamonds of comparable carat weight and shape. The experts at Diamond Exchange NYC will gladly show you diamonds side by side so you will be able to see the different aspects. An excellently cut diamond with a lower carat weight having larger diameter may appear larger in its size compared to a diamond of higher carat weight.

Two loose diamonds having equal carat weights may appear completely different in their size, depending on the shape of the diamonds. For instance, a full carat round diamond appears smaller than a one carat marquise diamond. A diamond’s approximate size, its measurements in length and width, its total surface or crown area displayed, and not just the element of carat weight add to its final visual appearance.

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