4 C’s Of Diamonds- Learn About Cut, Color, Clarity, And Carat Weight

4 cs diamond
Every diamond is born exclusive. Nothing short of a natural phenomenon a diamond is exquisite, rare, and precious. In the absence of any accepted decree for judging the quality of a diamond even until mid-20th century, GIA invented the pioneering concept of “diamond grading” with the 4 key parameters of color, clarity, cut, and carat weight or the 4 C’s. These factors have now been globally recognized as the basic standard for describing the qualities of a diamond. The ‘4 C’s of Diamond Quality’ has been documented as the universal method to evaluate the quality of a diamond in any corner of the world.

Why are the 4Cs most popular grading system?

The creation of Diamond 4Cs signified two vital aspects. Primarily, diamond buyers could now know precisely what they were procuring and its cost implications and secondly, the value of a diamond could be easily connected to the largest audience with a universal language.

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Diamond Color

When it comes to color in a diamond, the absence of color is the ideal. A structurally seamless and “chemically pure” diamond has no color and thus has a higher value. The D to Z color grading methodology of GIA determines the precise degree of colorlessness in a diamond by equating it to a master stone of definite color value in a controlled and specific viewing and lighting conditions. The best way to judge clarity to figure out what color you like best is to compare diamonds side by side. While you are visiting Diamond Exchange NYC we can show you different diamonds of all color ranges including fancy colored diamonds. Find out more about diamond color.

Diamond Clarity

Natural diamond is the outcome of carbon being bare to huge pressure and temperature and in the process includes an assortment of external traits called ‘blemishes’ and interior characteristics known as ‘inclusions’. Weighing clarity of a diamond involves defining the size, number, position and nature of these features and how these features affect the final appearance of the stone. In order to be able to judge the clarity, you need to be able to see the diamond through a magnifying glass known as a loupe. The experts at Diamond Exchange NYC will be able to educate you on diamond clarity and show you the inclusions in person. Find out more about diamond clarity.

Diamond Cut

Of all the 4Cs, the cut is most technically difficult and intricate to scrutinize. The diamond cut< contributes to a diamond’s ability to shine powerfully and transmit light and the cut grade determines how beautifully the facades of a diamond will interact with light. The cut creates fascinating optical effects of fire, sparkle, and illumination. However, the diamond cut does not refer to the shape of the stone. Find out more about diamond cut.

Diamond Carat Weight

Carat weight of a diamond denotes its apparent size and is a measurement of its weight. The metric ‘carat’ is described as 200 milligrams. The other 3 parameters of the 4Cs being equal, the price of a diamond increases with its carat weight as bigger diamonds are always more desirable and rarer. At Diamond Exchange NYC our goal is to always get you the biggest and nicest diamonds at wholesale prices. Find out more about diamond carat wieght.

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